Eiffel & Eyre | About Paisley

I’m Paisley, the maker behind Eiffel & Eyre. Thank you for visiting my shop!

I teach literature during the day, and most evenings, you’ll find me stitching bows or curled up on the couch with tea, knitting needles, and a British TV show. 

I’m inspired by vintage knitting patterns and classic floral fabrics. My shop’s name, referencing the Eiffel Tower and the nineteenth-century novel Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë, comes from two other timeless things that I love: the city of Paris and classic novels. 

I learned to make and appreciate handmade items through my Nana, who taught me to knit when I was eight, and my Mum, who sewed often during my childhood and made beautiful outfits for me from fabric we’d shopped for together. The garments they made for me stand out in my memories of childhood, and I hope that, through this shop, I can pass along the joy that comes from receiving a handcrafted item.